Category: Tactics – Getting to 3rd Base (Qualified)

Qualifying for Money

Have you been taught to ask a prospect, “…and what’s your budget?” or “Do you have a budget for this?” Perhaps you’re one of the brave salespeople who prefers not to ask, instead hoping that when it’s time to buy, the money will be there. In today’s Baseline Selling Tip, I will address the importance of financial qualification and demonstrate the most effective way to do it.

Counter Measures for Pricing Demands

I was in Chicago, presenting two talks on selling; Closing and Creating Urgency. In the second talk I walked them through a Baseline Selling Tip,”First Impressions”, from several weeks ago. I was asked, “but what if the decision maker says ‘I want to save us both a lot of time. We’re looking for the lowest price.’?”

How to Justify Your Higher Price

There isn’t a single sales approach, technique or rule that appeals to or even applies to everyone. Some of the best ones cause a small percentage of people to get very upset about them. Why? I guess when they have struggled so long they don’t think it’s fair to discover that there’s a simpler way. […]

Overcoming Happy Ears

You or someone you know likely suffers from Happy Ears. This syndrome is not as easy to diagnose as prospecting and closing problems, which are as obvious as your next commission check. No, Happy Ears lurk undetected beneath the surface, presenting symptoms like bad luck, lying, the competition, status quo and pricing to throw you off track. The first order of business is to determine whether you have Happy Ears.