Kurlan & Associates, Inc.


  • Sales Force Evaluation – We look at your people in the context of your systems, processes and strategies, to answer your most pressing questions about how to improve sales performance and selection.
  • Recruiting Process Optimization – We help you develop and implement a world-class, customized sales recruiting process to consistently attract, identify, screen, interview, select, on board and retain top sales talent
  • Sales Candidate Assessments – our world-class, accurate, predictive tools identifies the people who will succeed in your business
  • CRM – selection, installation and integration
  • Sales Process Optimization – modification or development of a formal, structured, customized sales process
  • Metrics – identification of forward looking indicators that drive revenue
  • Pipeline Management – creation of a formalized, visual, staged, criteria-based, predictive pipeline
  • Sales Management Development – develop sales managers so they have a positive impact on revenue through effective sales coaching, motivation, development and accountability.
  • Trade Show Selling – We help you generate more qualified traffic, and convert them to quality opportunities
  • Consulting – From Sounding Board to Strategists
  • Strategy – Market strategy, account strategy, business strategy
  • Coaching – executive coaching, sales management coaching and sales coaching
  • Sales Training – results oriented training to change behaviors and results
  • Professional Services Training – for professionals in law, accounting, engineering, banking and architecture, to help them generate more referrals and introductions and convert them to revenue
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