Sales Leadership Intensive

The Premier Sales Leadership Event

September 10-11, 2014

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In sales management, you have two choices. You can develop your leadership skills to catapult your professional success and that of your teams or you can continue to perform at status quo. Today, a company needs every possible efficiency, effort and effectiveness from its sales management and salespeople to get ahead and emerge at the forefront of industry. Those companies that innovate are growing and this top-rated two day conference is jam packed with sales management leadership training to help drive innovation by showing sales leaders how to strategically grow sales.

Whether you have 3 salespeople or 3,000, an underachieving team or a sales force that performs well, the competencies necessary to transform your sales force into a cohesive, over achieving team are the same. On September 10-11, we provide the tools, strategies, tactics, mindset, knowledge and practice that you'll need in order to transform your sales force and grow revenue and profit.

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10-Minute Interview with Dave Kurlan about the upcoming
Sales Leadership Intensive.


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