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  • "In the old days (before DKA Training), I have no doubt that we would have scuffed our feet, cast our eyes downward, apologized for asking for so much money, and cut our margin to the bone to secure this order during that negotiation. Now, we don't spend time cutting margin, we spend time earning it. We're strong enough now to ensure that we'll be around to help them when they need another set-up for installation in yet another part of the world!" President of a DKA Client

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Just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for the Sales Coaching sessions you and Sarah conducted with me.

Your level of expertise was very impressive throughout our conversations and your insights into the interpersonal dynamics of the sales calling process were always right on target. As someone who had never made "cold calls" before and was pretty uncomfortable with the prospect, your help and encouragement was invaluable in building my skills and confidence. I know that several of the CEO's who attended my Information Events and eventually became members in my Vistage Group were influenced directly by the techniques and methods that you recommended.

I would encourage other Chairs to take advantage of your expertise and would be happy to highly recommend your services to others.

Thank you for all your help. Rick Schleufer, CEO Group Chair

I have worked with Chris and Kurlan for several years. We have maintained an ongoing relationship on the sales testing front, but we have also worked closely together on sales recruiting techniques, interviewing, and other skills. We have found the philosophy of Kurlan, and the direct approach of Chris, to be extremely helpful in evaluating talent. I have very specific success stories, and decisions we made to go in different directions, that were directly influenced by this relationship in a positive way. Thank you! Michael S. Chapman CPCU, ARM, Chief Sales Officer, HUB International New England

We are now recruiting and hiring far better sales talent than ever before and closing consistently larger more competitive deals. Most importantly we are doing this with a much higher margin. We have a daily huddle with the regional sales teams which has resulted in a VERY close bond and the sharing of best practices. We have transformed our corporate culture and eliminated excuse making. We are hiring much higher quality reps that have the correct skills sets to take us to the next level. We have learned and implemented very unique interviewing techniques that identify top producing reps. Sales Management has very clear process of managing the sales reps daily, weekly, monthly. We have a 5X Pipeline with much higher quality opportunities. I have so many positive things that I would like to share with you about how this program as it has enabled me to completely rebuild my team and transform my Region. SL (Regional Sales Manager of a Technology Company)

“Chris, things are going incredibly well thanks to your incredible coaching. I know I can get even better with your help. Thanks again for all of your help, and I look forward to talking with you again." Brian L. Davis, Chair, Vistage International, Inc.

"Thank you for the Sales Leadership Intensive training last week. I appreciate your willingness to lead and flexibility to customize the 3 days to such a small group. Speaking of the group, it was a pleasure to be a part of such a motivated, open, and professional group of people. The sharing among the team helped to drive home the course teachings, plus helped me gain a better understanding of the challenges I now face growing revenues at IPS. Sales Leadership INTENSIVE is a proper title for the course since a lot of valuable information was covered in a short period of time. Despite your challenge Dave, you kept it fun , interactive, and relevant – especially tying the main themes of the course back to movie clips! I truly appreciate your help with my "ramp up" at IPS and your future support as a valued resource to the IPS sales and management teams! John Petralla, VP Sales, Industrial Packaging

"Thank YOU again for a phenomenal three days. The recruiting book = the bible for building a sales force. My friend Jack Daly always says, a sales manager's job is to grow sales force in quantity and quality, and the STAR book is the ultimate book on "how to". And the methods for coaching on the right skill/ weakness at the right time and using clear process to drive accountability made perfect sense. I feel extremely confident that I will develop the sales management skills down the road to ensure my company reaches its lofty goals." Jeffrey Gleich, President, G & G Manufacturing

"Kurlan has helped me to define a clear, repeatable sales process, defining the proper sales path for my sales people to follow.  Having this sales process in place has enabled me to establish a common platform for which to discuss sales opportunities and keep these opportunities moving ahead in the right direction and create more accountability in the sales team.  I have already begun to see positive results in the quality of our sales discussions with prospects.  We are opening more doors and we are closing deals.  I highly recommend the services of Kurlan & Associates to any CEO who wishes to find a high quality business partner committed to helping you succeed in taking the sales function of your organization to a whole new level. " - Peter Butler, President, Hayes Management Consulting

"The sales leadership intensive course was transformational for me. It has provided me with a framework for success and a clear roadmap on how to get there. My biggest realization is how much I need to change my leadership style before I can begin to require of my sales team, the kind of change and accountability that this course teaches. The modules on coaching, motivation and development provide powerful tools for shaping the sales environment and managing a team through individualized support and attention.

I would recommend the course to any sales manager looking to build a team for the long term." Damien Dossin, Vice President of Sales, Topline Products Company, Inc.

"I was told from a friend and colleague that we had a sales problem. "A what? I said." He continued, you heard me, 'a sales problem.' This sounded like nonsense to me as I've enjoyed many years as a successful sales person in my former industry. The next question 'tell me about your sales process' made me pause for a moment because I really didn't have one. In truth, I've winged it in the past and have gotten some good results through sheer determination and some luck. Working with Kurlan and Associates has catapulted PullnotPush from a one man consulting gig to 8 staff members in less than a year. It seems I did have a sales problem. I was dreaming too small. Now we're scaling and not looking back. Thanks Rick!" Dan Ronken, CEO, PullNotPush.com

"People tend to write testimonials for organizations like DKA by citing specific levels of sales growth, describing the improved effectiveness of their sales force, or discussing how energized their sales people are. These are all very important and meaningful measures, but I think they fall short of the real value that I received from my engagement with the team at DKA. From the training, coaching, and pushing I have personally experienced while working with several different individuals on Team Kurlan, I have grown stronger, smarter, and braver as a Sales Manager and a CEO than I ever would have without their help. I am happy to tell you that this just feels really good!

If you work with Kurlan & Associates, you will learn. If you apply their lessons, you and your business will improve."  Rob Jewett, President & CEO, Terracon Corporation

"Kurlan and their systems have been and continue to be a great resource for our organization. We use their recruiting system, our sales people are trained on their sales process, and we constantly refresh our sales management with their concepts and application. Their system is ultimately the key to consultative selling and value selling. Dave Kurlan's reputation speaks for itself, there is probably no better sales trainer in the country that money can buy." Ron Ranauro, President and CEO, GenomeQuest, Inc.

"I hired Kurlan & Associates to help me coach a new VP of Sales and to install an effective Strategic Customer Development and Prospecting system. I have a Sales Training background and I have run several Sales Teams in my day so calling me picky regarding Sales Process would be kind! I have found that the many companies in the training industry can focus on one dimension of the sales process to exhaustion but miss teaching about the nuances typically found in every sales interaction. Baseline Selling teaches you how to be more effective at communication by seeking to understand and by leading the interactions with customers/prospects. Our Stanley team immediately began to prospect with vigor and deployed their new selling skills with pride. The Baseline methods became embedded in all that we did and were effective at increasing our team's confidence and results. It became transparent that we were closing business faster, at a better success rate, and with higher margins than we did prior to installing Baseline. Dave Kurlan is a true practitioner in the world of professional selling." John MacQuarrie, Past President, Stanley Assembly Technologies

"The training and coaching I received from Kurlan & Associates enabled me to grow my sales 400% within 3 months. I've referred customers and business partners to Kurlan & Associates and have seen them grow their sales just as significantly. Kurlan's team delivers sales training and coaching that comes from decades of hard-won, hands-on sales, sales management and entrepreneurial experience, but with an awareness that the internet has changed the way companies go to market. I do not hesitate to refer them." Peter Caputa IV, Value Added Reseller Program Sales & Marketing Manager, Hubspot

"Akibia engaged with Kurlan & Associates to assist in recruiting Sales Managers and Sales reps along with coaching the Global Sales Management team and most recently working with our US based sales team. Their approach to sourcing and hiring has helped Akibia focus on making the right choices for hiring new Sales Reps. The Baseline Selling approach has helped Akibia to be more successful in assimilating the new hires as well as further develop the current team. I highly recommend you check out what Kurlan can do for you." Phil Harris, Worldwide VP of Sales, Akibia

"Dave Kurlan has been a "hands-on" mentor and coach with an emphasis on personal accountability. Dave has consistently demonstrated a sincere and active interest in my firm's continued development and we wouldn't be half the size of the firm we are today without his guidance." Joe Stolberg, Managing Partner, Stolberg & Ebbeling, LLP

"If you are reading this and have any doubts about working with Kurlan & Associates, put those doubts aside - you will be very pleased. Dave is an amazing author, presenter and has incredible knowledge regarding sales training, effective hiring practices, sales accountability and coaching. In fact, he is the creator. I worked with Kurlan & Associates for many years. I also was a witness to Dave creating his unique ideas that transform ordinary sales teams into extraordinary producers. In a world of knock-offs, Dave is truly the originator of his training material, hiring tools, business development ideas and principles that he espouses. His clients find the results to be absolutely superb! Beyond his presentation abilities, original ideas on hiring and sales training, he sets the pace and is a strong leader in the training industry...dedicated, creative, tough, and focused on how his clients can grow, compete and win in the 21st Century. I highly recommend working with Kurlan & Associates." John T. Condry, Managing Partner, Cornerstones Management Institute

"Kurlan & Associates offers true sales expertise and has helped me tremendously by recommending ways to navigate around tricky selling situations. We wouldn't be where we are today without Kurlan. I would recommend Kurlan and Associates to anyone who is interested in building sales and sales organizations." Chris Collias, CEO, Progressive Gourmet

"I was reluctant to use the training with Kurlan and Associates at first. We had started our company in 2004 and in 2005 we did a total in sales of $250,00. We had bid on and estimated an additional $1,000,000 in business that we did not get. When we began working with Kurlan & Associates, they asked what we wanted from our business and we told him we wanted the $1,000,000 we lost. After we started the training things started changing. The information received from their training and coaching was one of the most important things we did when starting our business. Our business in 5 years is now heading north of $5,000,000 and we feel that the training from Kurlan was a major factor in making us compete against our competitors and win!! Ask the tough questions, listen, and get in front of as many people as you can is what we learned. I want to thank everyone that believed in us and helped us. Thank you all!" Joseph Kupstas, President, GoodFellas Construction

"The first step was to assess the sales force for sales capability, responsibility and desire. I have been using personal assessments for over 15 years and believed that I was getting a quality assessment from another firm, until I saw how focused and detailed, towards my requirements, their assessment was. When sales to existing clients dropped in 2009, we increased our new business sales to record levels. Additionally, when it was time for me hire a new Sales Manager I took their advice and followed their process with great success. I processed over 200 applications in 6 weeks and my new Sales Manager could be one of my best hires in over 25 years of hiring " Joe LaValla, CEO, Integrity Graphics

"At Gabriel Group we have a sales process and training system in place that is very Kurlan-isque, AND it really aligns dead on with a lot of what we heard at the Fortune Sales & Marketing Summit. Your brilliance on the sales consultant side was validated, so I want to affirm you your coaching, Baseline Selling, etc. It is totally in alignment with what I thought were the best sales presentations." Bill Ziercher, CEO, Gabriel Group

"If you haven't heard, Feb Conversion was 13%...big improvement!" Toby LaVigne, CEO, Hubcast

"Thank you for providing the workshop on the topic of "Convert Your Networking Leads into Measurable Business" to our members. You certainly had us all engaged with your dynamic presentation, the great role playing and good questions that were asked. It was obvious that your program brought tremendous value to our members. From the positive evaluation forms, it was clear that our members found your presentation insightful and worthwhile. Thank you again for providing such a rewarding program to the Corridor Nine members." Karen Chapman, VP, Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce

Chris - I just got out of a board meeting today at Degree Controls with Jag, Ragesh and others.

When management was asked what is causing their sales success this year and why the sudden new ability to close orders, Jag said this is due to Rick Pierro’s valuable suggestion last year that they hire Chris Mott at Kurlan & Associates and teach their engineers how to sell. Jag went further and said the training has caused a seismic shift in their thinking, has permeated throughout their organization and is significantly reducing wasted sales time and effort.

Chris – Thanks for making me look good!

Rick Pierro, President

If I had to sum up this training in a few words, I would say this: “Kurlan training focuses on the nuances of people, their egos, drivers, and personalities in a way that allows you to discover how to integrate your product into a solution to a problem that they perceive they have. It is not about tricking people, or psyching them out, it is about defocusing yourself from all of our favorite topics, ourselves, long enough to understand the people who might potentially become customers if you can help them solve their need. People buy from people. Specifically they buy from people that they trust, and usually people that they like. Earning trust, and building rapport and a relationship requires that you listen, learn, and factor what you heard and learned into thoughts and then actions that communicate that you indeed care, you are trustworthy, and you are a value add to them on their terms."

At least that is my one-paragraph off-the-cuff summary. If you read my poorly written summary a few times, you will agree I think that this is one tough challenge. Dave tries to articulate the challenge in a way that breaks it down so it is easier and allows us to more fully understand it, and then defines a process around it all that allows each of us to repeat it over and over again. Mike Workman, CEO, Pillar Data Systems

"...the real ‘heavy-hitters’, the people who make things happen in the sales space, like Jeffrey Gitomer, Neil Rackham, Linda Richardson…Guy Kawasaki, Gerhard Gschwandtner, and Dave Kurlan…really get what we are trying to do and are incredibly supportive." Jonathan Farrington, CEO TopSalesWorld.com


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