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How We Select Partners – At Kurlan & Associates

We take the concept of partnering quite seriously. Anyone can partner with Salesforce.com, Constant Contact.com, SurveyMonkey.com, GoToMeeting.com, EventBrite.com, the various sales portals and the many Web Tools.  But those aren't partnerships as much as they are affiliate marketing links.

The best example of how we select partners would be our choice of Membrain over SalesForce.com for CRM. Salesforce.com is the best known tool for CRM – they are gigantic – and we could partner with them if we chose to. But why would we subject our clients to a huge investment of money, resources and time, only to end up with an application their salespeople won't like, find difficult to navigate, with features that won't be utilized and an interface that costs a fortune to customize if you want it to mimic your customized, formal, structured sales process? It doesn't make any sense.

We have clients that have wasted hours on the phone with Salesforce.com integrators, just to get SalesForce to come close to doing what an application like Membrain does out of the box. We partnered with Membrain because it's a simple, yet very powerful application that focuses on what you need CRM to be – a pipeline management tool that provides accurate forecasts, critical ratios and appropriate reports in real time without the fuss. Period.

You'll see that whether it's a tool, application or consulting firm, we have already done the due diligence so that you don't have to.

Our Partners Give You the Muscle

At Kurlan & Associates, we have a philosophy about partner referrals. All of our strategic partners must have one primary objective – help us make our clients stronger. That's it. Our services are laser-focused on sales development. Our partners provide the core competencies that we don't. They must fit with our clients' needs and play well with the others in the sandbox so all of our actions are unified in your interest. They must be flexible and agile. Most of all, their service has to work better than the other choices around at getting results. We believe that your organization deserves the best. It's that simple. Look at our list below and don't hesitate to ask us to explain why you might want one of these companies on your side.

  • Akken Cloud

    Akken Cloud

    Akken is the staffing efficiency and recruiting efficiency improvement specialist. Akken has helped hundreds of Staffing companies and Recruiting companies improve their efficiency, place more people into quality paying positions and increase customer retention. AkkenCloud™ is the first and only 100% web-based, multi-tenant, integrated software platform for the Staffing Industry and Recruiting Industry. The AkkenCloud™ is simple to use, with a fully integrated front office, back office and intra office. AkkenCloud™ provides businesses with the mobility to access and work from anywhere on any device.

  • PENTA Communications, Inc.

    PENTA Communications, Inc.

    PENTA Communications, Inc. has been providing world-class marketing services to accelerate client success for 25 years. This award-winning firm offers marketing, advertising, public relations, graphic design, website development, branding, social media strategies, special event planning, and a myriad of other services to help its client companies grow and succeed in their industries. We highly recommend PENTA for its strategic consulting, the quality and creativity of its many practice areas, and its unprecedented client service.

  • Objective Management Group

    Objective Management Group

    Objective Management is the industry leader in sales force evaluations and sales candidate assessments. Their world-class suite of sales specific assessment tools helps companies make good, intelligent, timely decisions about the evolution that must take place in the sales organization.

  • Strategic Compensation Partners

    Strategic Compensation Partners

    Strategic Compensation Partners provides companies with thoughtful, proven comp plans designed specifically for sales organizations.

  • Membrain


    Kurlan & Associates has partnered with Membrain to deliver CRM the way CRM should be. With an emphasis on opportunities rather than accounts, pipeline rather than data-entry, accurate forecasts, flexibility, customization that you can do yourself, and an interface that salespeople love to use, you will love Membrain too. We love it so much that we use it at Kurlan & Associates!

  • Connect Leader


    ConnectLeader helps salespeople that need to speak with potential customers and clients but can't afford to waste time attempting to reach them. ConnectLeader gets your salespeople on the phone and connects them with the prospects they need to reach.

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