Westborough, Massachusetts USA – May 4, 2017 – US-based Kurlan Associates, global leaders in sales process development and sales training, announced today, a joint initiative with Membrain, makers of the global sales effectiveness platform.  This innovative platform incorporates top-rated Baseline Selling®, including its innovative best practice sales process and methodology, as well as its integrated sales enablement materials to guide salespeople to higher levels of performance. The framework is now available inside CRMs through Membrain’s plug-in, or directly through Membrain’s stand-alone platform.

“Dave Kurlan’s thought leadership in value-based selling spans over decades. What’s unique with Kurlan & Associates’ Baseline Selling® is that it intertwines sales process and methodology with a shared language, making it easy to learn and execute,” says George Brontén, CEO of Membrain. “Pre-integrating the Baseline Selling framework inside of Membrain and making it easily accessible inside of customers’ existing CRM, will help customers go from theory to practice in a heartbeat.”

“Membrain stands in a class by itself. It truly gives sales management what it needs, while being easy to use for salespeople,” says Dave Kurlan, founder of Kurlan & Associates. “It helps our clients ensure consistent execution and accountability – from the most experienced veteran to the latest new hire.”

Customers have the option to use the new templates out of the box, or partner with Kurlan & Associates to customize the templates and develop their unique playbooks. This partnership represents the latest in Kurlan Associates and Membrain’s ongoing mission to make sales effectiveness more achievable and accessible for sales organizations. More information is available at www.membrain.com/baseline-selling.