In a recent training program we focused on closing. Each attendee was asked to identify an account they felt was “ready to close”. Not surprisingly when asked “what the compelling reason for action” was many were unable to clearly identify the real issue and it’s impact.

Salespeople routinely qualify opportunities on budget, decision makers, products or services needed, timeline and a host of other issues. What they fail to do consistently is ask the question “why now”, followed by what makes this compelling for you personally?

The debriefing process exposed a serious lack of understanding regarding the consequences of not acting. Without a clear understanding of this you are proceeding on faith the prospect is committed to change, understands the potential impact on them and the business and knows what the financial, and personal ramifications will be.

Proper execution of Baseline Selling requires we follow a defined process where you create urgency and SOB quality on the way to second base. On page 106 the rule of “Cause and Effect” is discussed. It says “every serious problem, if not resolved, has a serious consequence. It’s your responsibility using the “Infield Why Rule” to get the prospect to tell you what the consequence are. If you assume they understand what the consequences are you don’t fully develop urgency.