This may seem like a rant about nothing but I happen to think it’s a big deal. I think most salespeople do a horrible job at saying hello to their prospects, customers and clients.

Everyone knows a salesperson who, when asked how he is, says, “I’m fantastic” or “Unbelievable” or “Couldn’t be Better” or “Living the Dream” or “Excellent” or “Spectacular”. Well, if they’re human, I doubt they’re that good. More to the point though, what goes through the other person’s head? Probably one of the following: “Yeah, right.” or “Give me a Break” or “How come I never feel like that?” I believe that, at best, prospects, clients and customers feel that the overly positive salesperson is inauthentic and that causes them to question his credibility.

While nobody wants to speak to a salesperson who sounds depressed, over doing it with your best Tony the Tiger imitation doesn’t work either. I often get a laugh when someone asks me how I’m doing and I reply with “not bad – for me”, meaning, I’m having one of my better days. And I’m supposed to be motivational. They can hear what I am and how I’m feeling by the manner in which I speak to them. I don’t need to describe it to them!

Really think about what you say to people when you aren’t thinking about what you’re saying. I want you to sound excited about talking with the other person on the phone, not tell them you’re exited about it! Are you authentic? Can people relate? That’s what’s most important.