This past week I experienced two examples of practice that, if applied to selling, would dramatically alter your results for the better.

At the Dave Pelz Short Game Golf School, I had the opportunity to learn a number of lessons but the key to the school is that they taught for about 1 hour, comprised of perhaps 6 ten-minute lessons, and practiced those 6 lessons for about 6 hours.  What do you think was most helpful?  Well, the 6 hours of practice would have caused me to practice the wrong stroke, the wrong technique, the wrong action and, as they said, practice makes permanent.  So the lesson was very important, but once the lessons was learned, the six hours of practice was the frosting on the cake.  It sunk it.  It was doable.  I could do it.  I could keep doing it.  I could do it on the course. I shaved 15 strokes off my short game overnight!

My wife purchased a copy of Alice Cooper Golf Monster for me to read on my trip.  Aside from being a surprisingly enjoyable book, there were some very profound takeaways.  The one that is on topic for this posting is that after Alice Cooper had recorded their first album, they retained a producer and he locked them up for seven months, made them unlearn everything they had been doing, and then taught them from scratch how to play their instruments the right way, develop their band’s signature sound was well as developing their individual styles.  This wasn’t practice over the course of seven months; it was seven months of 18 hours per day of practicing!

You probably don’t practice or, if you’re one of the elite 6%, perhaps you practice 30 minutes per day. So, now that you’ve read these two examples, what can you do to:

1) Learn the right way, the best way, the most effective way to sell;
2) Practice it until it becomes permanent?