I wrote about Closing Urgency in last week’s Baseline Selling Tip. One salesperson, who believed I wrote it for him, proved himself correct. I had an unusual print job that needed to be completed within a week. My assistant was having difficulty identifying a local printer that could handle the job and get it done on a timely basis.  “Bob” learned about the print job and with as much urgency as I’ve ever seen, contacted a one of his closable prospects, a printer.  He and the printer both showed considerable urgency, appearing in my office within an hour.

After I gave the printer the business, I mentioned to Bob that I saw more urgency from him regarding the purchase I needed to make than I ever saw from him relative to getting business closed. It was especially strange that he showed the urgency to give his prospect business but not in getting this prospect’s business.

Bob agreed with my observation and called his prospect to rectify the situation. He should have had this business closed in December but took the put-offs. If you recall, last week I wrote that the put-offs taken in December would not result in January business. Bob proved me right. By the end of the day, the printer was no longer in Bob’s pipeline. Bob screwed up in December but he did the right thing in January by not taking any more put-offs. The time off did serve to lessen the severity of the printer’s problems, making him feel he no longer required Bob’s help.

You get one optimum closing opportunity with each prospect. Perhaps it will happen on the first call but it could just as well happen on the fifth meeting. It can only happen after you’ve touched all the bases and headed home. If you don’t close the business when you’re running home, the chances are you won’t close the business.

Baseline Selling has all the help you’ll need to fix this problem. Reread the chapter on Scoring. Bob finally did but it was too late.

Breaking News! Bob just read my Baseline Selling Tip for the week and sent me this email:


Bob has been reborn . . . he’s shredded his very own need for approval. Bob’s new mantra is: close ‘em when qualified or leave ‘em. Bob has closed > $40,000 in the first half of January and there’s more to come. Bob also understands the importance of keeping the pipeline full of viable opportunities and not resting on his laurels. Bob even has come to believe that $1MM in a year is possible.

Bob is a rompin’, stompin’ 65 year old stud muffin embarking on the rest of his life feeling like a little kid in a candy store . . . what’s up with Bob? Bob’s priorities are etched in stone and in proper alignment . . . that’s what. Bob’s life’s priorities are as follows:

Take care of Bob on three levels: Spiritual – Emotional – Physical
Financial security
Note: All four are very important and 2, 3 and 4 can’t happen without 1.

Bob faced and continues to overcome significant past year personal challenges with the support of many . . . he’s rising above the turmoil realizing that poor Bob hiding under the covers isn’t the answer; responsibly facing life on life’s term is the answer. Bob will be happy to share his story with anyone who is battling life’s challenges and sincerely willing to ask for help.”