As we approach the end of the year it’s time to do some goal setting. For most salespeople it’s writing a list of things they would like to accomplish. That’s a very loose form of goal setting. Loose because it doesn’t have an accomplish by date, it doesn’t detail how it will be accomplished or even if it can be accomplished, and doesn’t have provisions for following through or accountability.

Baseline Selling has a chapter devoted to goal setting but I’ll provide you with a goal setting “light” version here today.

A. I would love to have a _________________________.     (Don’t discount. Go for it!)
To support this, even if you’ve watch this already, buy or rent “The Secret” and watch it twice.

There are two important things missing from “The Secret”. 

First, you must have a sense of urgency or desire to get what you’re asking for;
Second, you must be willing to do the work to get it!
What follows below details the work you’ll need to do.

B. I would love to have it by ___________. (date)
C. It would cost $________ or $_______/mo.
D. My existing expenses are $ ______/mo.
E. My current monthly nut is $ ______(C + D)
F. My existing household income is $_____/mo. (include all guaranteed $)
G. I would need to earn an additional $_____/mo. (E – F)
H. My average sale or account is worth $_________
I.   My commission is __________%
J.  My average commission is $ _________ (H * I)
K. I would need to close ___  sales/deals/accounts per month (G / J)

Next determine what it would take to accomplish K. Use your critical ratios to determine the number of times you must dial the phone each day to have the conversations you need to book the appointments you need to generate the proposals you need to close that many sales.

Finally, do some forecasting – where will these opportunities come from?

What will get in your way?

How will you track your progress?

How will you hold yourself accountable?

What will you do when you don’t feel like doing this?

Now, write a commitment statement and sign it.