The key to getting more appointments is your ability to have conversations where you can ask, “is that a problem?” and “would you like to fix it?”

Think about the topics you discuss in a typical prospecting call. If you were to ask those two questions after about 2 minutes, would they be appropriate or out of place?

If you picked appropriate, then ask those two questions as soon as you believe it’s an appropriate time.

If you picked out of place, then consider how your conversations must change so that those two questions would be appropriate? What questions must you ask? If you read the “First Impressions” tip from two weeks ago, starting your call with that will lead you right into the conversation required for asking “is that a problem?”. If you missed that tip, click here.

This subject is covered in great detail in Baseline Selling – How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You Already Know about the Game of Baseball in the chapter on Getting to First Base.