Dave’s Sales Best Practices

What separates sales superstars from the salespeople who simply reach their goals and those who struggle and under achieve?  In today’s clip I’ll share both the 21 Sales Competencies as well as some Best Practices.

The 21 Sales Competencies are very comprehensive and each of the competencies includes 10-12 attributes.  That’s more than 200 attributes that you can begin to hone.

The Best Practices are different from the Competencies in that the Practices require Competencies in order to be executed.

Here are 13 of my Sales Best Practices.

1. Stuff the Pipeline – always have enough opportunities in each of the four stages of the pipeline.

2. Outwork Everyone – always outwork your colleagues. Have more going on, more appointments, more accounts, more sales, more volume, more prospects, more calls, more of everything.

3. Smart is the new Busy – by more effectively targeting your opportunities, you’ll waste little time on opportunities that don’t fit, aren’t profitable, and don’t require your offerings.

4. Slow is the New Fast – shorten your sell cycle by spending more time moving from 1st Base to 2nd Base.  More time on that base path means more questions, better questions, tougher questions, compelling reasons to buy and a stronger relationship.

5. It’s All in the Timing – Don’t close until you’ve earned the right to close by touching all the bases.

6. Close at Closing Time – It’s not enough to attempt to close. When you’ve earned the right to close you only get one ideal moment to get the business.  Get it closed and don’t give up until you do.

7. The Chase – If you weren’t strong enough to get the business closed at closing time, don’t chase your prospect now.  It’s not their fault you didn’t get it done the first time.  If you’re not allowed to chase you’ll be more effective when it’s show time.

8. Punch List – You can establish your S.O.B. quality by questioning everything.  Punch holes in everything your prospect says to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

9. Now Available – 9 to 5 is so 1980’s.  We’re in a 24/7 world now.

10. Great Value – Whether it’s the first prospecting call or a follow up call, always have a reason for calling besides wanting to know if your prospect has decided to see you, continue speaking or buy from you.

11. Whatever – Do whatever it takes (as long as it’s ethical).

12. Discipline – Force yourself to do what you don’t want to do.

13. Consistency – Execute these best practices daily.