When you’re prospecting and you do finally reach a prospect, it’s discouraging when the prospect says, “we’re all set”. But it doesn’t have to be discouraging. There are things you can do to turn these calls around but you might be uncomfortable with it.

When a prospect tells you that they’re all set, chances are very good that they are just trying to get you off the phone. Chances are also very good that they aren’t as happy as they believe but they’ll need to gradually discover that.

There is a very effective approach in Baseline Selling called “The Cycle”, named after a hitter’s perfect day, when they hit for the cycle – homer, triple, double and single all in the same game. The Cycle is used whenever your prospect indicates that things are perfect. This can refer to doing it themselves as easily as it can refer to being happy with another vendor as easily as it can refer to being all set with the status quo.

While Baseline Selling explains this approach in complete detail, I’ll give you the very short version here and you can refer to the book for the rest.

Over simplified, you affirm (terrific) your prospect’s statement (all set), by saying, “sounds like you’re extremely happy with who your using”. When the prospect agrees, you can let them know about all of your happy clients and then rattle off exactly five statements that would be true if their current vendor or inside process was indeed perfect. For example, if you told me you were all set I would say, “…so you close everyone (a period, not a question mark at the end). And then, “…and you’re making more money than you ever dreamed possible”. And then, “…and your pipeline is over-flowing”. And then, “…and your only working twenty hours per week”. And finally, “…and your getting enough introductions so that you don’t have to prospect”.

The statements must have an always or never feel, and should be phrased so your prospects can’t agree with them. Finally, after the prospect shows some chinks in the armor, ask them about their answers. For more details on using The Cycle, refer to your copy of Baseline Selling.