As we start the New Year we think about what we can accomplish this year that we didn’t accomplish last year.  We think about earning more money, closing more sales and being more effective and efficient.  How would you like to easily increase your earnings by 25% – 50% this year?  It’s not difficult and you don’t have to change.

All you have to do is commit to being 10% better at everything.  Think about it.

10% more conversations.
10% better at converting conversations to appointments.
If you have 15 conversations per week and get 5 of those to first base then a 10% improvement in these two areas would mean 75 additional conversations per year and at 36% instead of 33%, would mean an additional 47 appointments per year.

Let’s see what would happen if you are 10% more effective getting your opportunities to 2nd base, 3rd base and at closing.  Let’s say you are closing 25% of the 250 opportunities that reach first base or 62 per year.  This year you have 297 opportunities and if you close 10% more, or 28%, that would be 85 sales.

Now, let’s see what would happen if you increased your average sale by 10%.  Let’s pretend that your average sale was $8,000 and this year it is $8,800.  Last year you would have closed $496,000.  This year you’ll close $748,000, an increase of nearly 50%.

Now, let’s assume that you were being paid 15% commission. Last year you earned $75,000.  This year, you’ll earn $112,000!

So in summary, if you commit to being 10% better at everything you do in sales, those 10% improvements can add up to a 50% increase in revenue and income.

Need help with your 10% improvements?  There are plenty of them in Baseline Selling and the Baseline Selling Field Guide.