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Dave Kurlan Interviewed by Evan Carmichael.

Spotlight on IMS Video



The following video clips are from a live appearance at Bentley University.

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Turnover on the Sales Force
Sales Process
80-20 Rule on Sales Managers
Right People in the Right Seats
Recruiting Salespeople
Over Achieving
On Boarding New Salespeople
Motivating Salespeople in the Recession
How to Motivate Your Players on the Sales Force
Metrics on the Sales Force
Lack of New Opportunities in the Sales Pipeline
Interviewing Salespeople
Raising Expectations on the Sales Force
Excuse Making
Delayed Closings
Sales Compensation
Can Your Salespeople Execute Your Strategies
Use of Assessments When Hiring Salespeople
Hold Salespeople Accountable
Sales Recruiting Process
External Events (Economy) vs. Internal Events (Beliefs)


VideosThese clips were recorded in Houston Texas.

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Role Models - PLAY

Over Achievers - PLAY

Turnover - PLAY

Margins - PLAY

The Pipeline - PLAY

Short Window of Opportunity - PLAY

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