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Recruiting two salespeople for a value-added regional industrial distributor.

Recruiting a National Sales Manager for a third-party logistics company.

Developing the sales and sales management teams of a global technology company.  They had their best quarter ever in Q4 of 2010.

Recruiting a sales manager and an account manager for an injection molding company.

Evaluating the sales force of a technology VAR.

Coaching the president of a sub assembly manufacturer.  They have shortened their sales cycle, increased their opportunities, strengthened their pipeline and improved their closing ratio.

Providing advanced sales training to a fulfillment sales team.

Training the sales force of a financial software VAR.

Writing a sales manual for a global medical device company sales team.

Evaluating the sales force of a global consumer product company.

Kurlan is training the sales force of a global cosmetic packaging company.

Kurlan is recruiting 2 salespeople for a national construction equipment dealer.

Designed and implemented the necessary sales management infrastructure for a national accounting firm.

Evaluated the sales force of a major lumber distribution business to identify the sales development priorities required to double the size of the business.

Coached a group of seasoned CEO's on sales tactics needed to launch their own "peer to peer resource groups".

Trained a global sales force on sales process and new business development for a multinational imaging company in life sciences.

Helping a west coast software company improve sales performance and double their new business in 2011.

Working with 250 regional managers for a major international airline and assisting the executive team implement their new sales strategy.

Training the managers of an international software company on a new sales process and a new recruiting method.

Developed, introduced and implemented a consistent, system-wide sales process to over 200 international channel partners for a software provider.

Evaluated 80 person sales force for industry leader and winner of multiple “best of” awards. Identified three key areas for improvement.

Used OMG assessment process to eliminate 35% turnover, shorten six month ramp-up time and increase revenue per hire.

Providing Interim Sales Management function to Biotech firm.

Evaluated Global Sales Force for a specialty biotech research lab.

Implementing sales management infrastructure for a regional building material company.

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