Day: January 19, 2015

Asking Great Questions – Case Study

Last week I provided examples of the kinds of questions you need to ask on the way to 2nd Base. I also invited readers to send me their questions and I would let you know if you got them right. I still have a number of emails to respond to but will share this reader’s questions because they were so good.

Asking the Question that Changes the Call

I accompanied Bob and George on a sales call yesterday and mostly sat and observed. Not much happened, there weren’t any obvious compelling reasons for the prospect to do anything and the call seemed to be a waste of their time. I jumped in twice, the first time to rattle off some issues that I had heard but which weren’t addressed. That moved the call a little bit in the right direction, but not enough.

A Good Conversation versus a Great Sales Call

There is a huge difference between having a good conversation or having a good sales call with a prospect. Let’s assume that we’re face to face with a prospect and it’s the first meeting. We’ve started the meeting on first base and we want to advance, at minimum, to second base.

What Happens When You Don’t Find the Compelling Reasons

The Lexus salesperson (I’ll call him Fred) called Thursday and made his annual trade-in offer. I took advantage of it last December but this year he called to see if my wife would like to trade her 2005 GX470 for the brand new 2008 GX470 for the same monthly payment.

Staplers – More on Compelling Reasons

This week’s article is a comprehensive version of the post that appeared in my Blog on Sunday evening. My wife and I are very excited about the new school that we would like our five-year old son to attend next year. When we asked him if he was excited he said, “Yeah, I’ll have my […]