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Kurlan & Associates provides results oriented, customized or module-based training for sales, sales management, business development and professional service firms. 

Kurlan's sales development curriculum is based on Dave Kurlan's best-selling book, Baseline Selling – How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You Already Know about the Game of Baseball. Unlike complicated selling systems utilizing 7-12 steps with hard to remember acronyms, Baseline Selling uses the baseball diamond to provide a recognizable, memorable, and intuitive process. It's powerful yet simple. It's customizable and very actionable. Our powerful and entertaining development program will excite your entire team and your train to fame time will be quite impressive.

We work with your people on an on-going basis. First we provide a solid foundation based on sound theory, and follow up with role-playing, examples, problem-solving, tactics and strategy.

While salespeople will receive training on skills, process, strategy and tactics, sales management will receive training on coaching, motivation, recruiting, accountability, pipeline management, leadership and strategy.

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